External Resources

Here are some of the good resources to learning about Starcraft.


  • filtersc’s YouTube channel – he starts at a very basic level, so if you’re newer and need to get your fingers underneath you, his videos are a great resource
  • Apollo’s YouTube channel – he has made a few playlists of guides to playing each race and explaining builds in every matchup. Check out his “Bronze to Master” tutorials
  • Day[9] Daily “Newbie Tuesday” – he does hour long shows where he talks through a particular topic. Besides being a premier personality and commentator, he’s a former Brood War pro and very helpful and entertaining


  • Liquipedia – TeamLiquid is making a big push right now to improve their StarCraft strategy content

Videos and Streams

Below are a few favorite streamers as well. Note that there’s an American bias because they stream at times that are convenient for me to watch.


  • iNcontroL – American pro player. He’s not top-top tier, but he is still far better than most of us, and also quite entertaining. He talks through his games quite well
  • Artosis – American caster. He is quite familiar with the meta and often provides good replay analysis of his games
  • DrennoC – American amateur streamer. He doesn’t have a huge following, but he commentates continuously through his game and interacts with chat well


  • ViBE – American pro player. He’s best known for ridiculously high APM, but more importantly, he’s constantly talking through his games
  • Pseudorandom63 – American amateur streamer. He also doesn’t have a big following, but he innovates his own strategies and provides good analysis for his games


  • qxc – American pro player. I happen to think he’s really smart and has good micro. He likes bio a lot.

And an obligatory Brood War throwback guide, for all of you who may have missed it.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all your work. That must have taken you some time. Very helpful for newbies like me. Well, been playing two years but still awful. Thank you very much 🙂

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