Getting into StarCraft

First, it is very exciting that you’re getting into StarCraft. It’s a fun game to play on your own, with a few friends, and with millions around the world. Even better, there’s a vibrant community with professional tournaments and countless online resources.

This guide is intended for newer players to learn the fundamentals of StarCraft from the ground-up. I don’t get into the nitty-gritty, but it should give you a sense for how you can go about your playing. Hopefully by the end, you should feel comfortable playing multiplayer online and understand other guides online. You can access all of the content from the menu above or in the links below:

  1. Installing StarCraft (for free!) – starting from the very beginning with the Starter Edition
  2. What Modes to Play – a short explanation of what game modes are available and how to progress through them
  3. Basic Mechanics – things to do with your hands to make you faster and more efficient
  4. Units Overview – my short explanation for what everything does
  5. How to Read a Build Order – just what it says. A lot of StarCraft strategy is written in this format

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