Spawning Tool-SALT Integration

A big goal of Spawning Tool is to make build orders more accessible. StarCraft demands a high level of multi-tasking, and having a build order ready by rote can help players focus on other decisions. Of course, making the build orders available in the browser is just the first step in transferring knowledge into a real game, and integrating with SALT helps to bridge that gap.

SALT is a StarCraft mod that allows you to Save and Load game states for practicing engagements and build orders. The most relevant part to Spawning Tool is that it allows you to compose a build order, and it will prompt you step-by-step through the build order. Instead of looking back and forth between StarCraft and a written build order, you can practice it all with in-game audio prompts.

So we integrated SALT and Spawning Tool by allowing you to importĀ build orders from your favorite pros straight into SALT. I’ll let JaKaTaK do a much more interesting explanation of how it works:

There are a few unfortunate technical caveats to it, so be sure to read the help text as well. Otherwise, I hope you find it useful, and of course let me know if you encounter any bugs with it. Happy practicing!

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