Back in Diamond for Season 6

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Season 6 of ladder play has begun, and so have I. I just played 2 quick games, both of which went pretty well. The first ZvZ went along smoothly without any Zergling/Baneling play at the beginning. Transitioned into Roach/Infestor and rode that to victory. The second game was ZvT, where he tried some elevator play with Marines and Hellions, but I had plenty of Zerglings to deal with it. He made a few other mistakes (leaving Tanks unsieged and undefended), and a large flock of Mutas convinced him to tap out.

Watching the replays, my macro was not very good in either of them. Now that I’ve learned about the macro hatch, I’m getting a lot of larva, but I’m also not spending them. This happens sometimes from being supply blocked, but in general, I’m just not checking them often enough, so my supply and money go up and down, roughly in sync with when I’m injecting. Day[9] talks about the mental checklist of “making pylons, making probes”. I guess without specific production buildings, I need to do a better job constantly keeping my money low and building things.

I think it’s pretty popular for Zergs to want to work on never missing an inject: I think I might get to that only after I remember to use the larva I already have.

2 thoughts on “Back in Diamond for Season 6

  1. I`ve personally found it easier to macro all the hatcheries to one key, and the queens individually. It decreases the time it takes to do your larva upkeep and creep spread and makes it easier to jump back to whatever hatch needs an injection. I think the reason zerg find it hard to keep their larvae at full is because it requires actual clicking, and moreover, clicking away from the action. Tapping a macro key twice, already having the queen selectred, and being one key and one click from done with my injection is very nice.

  2. I’m more of a fan of the backspace method for doing injects

    All of my hatches are on 5, and all of my queens are on 6. It mostly works pretty well, except when I haven’t paired a queen to every hatch (e.g. new expo, queen is building). In that case, queens start running all over the map and that’s chaos. Otherwise, it’s really quick.

    I’ve seen a lot of people hotkey each hatch separately, double tap, box the queen, and inject. I think it’s a carryover from Brood War, with the benefit being that you can be more specific about what’s building at each base. For example, you don’t want units streaming out of your hidden expo. That, however, seems like a lot of work that I can’t manage.

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