A Farewell to HotS: a graph of how game lengths didn’t change over 2 years

(See the reddit thread for the same content https://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/3s1w7b/a_farewell_to_hots_a_graph_of_how_game_lengths/ )


I usually try to post interesting things from Spawning Tool data, but here’s a very boring result from some analysis I did. Using the ~15,000 professional HotS replays in Spawning Tool, I bucketed them by month and then calculated the average game length. I was thinking that maybe game lengths would have increased as players got better and didn’t lose as much early. As you can see that didn’t happen as game lengths remained roughly the same (about 16 minutes)

I didn’t dig too much further because I didn’t really see any trends. You can see the data I used to generate the graph at


Anyways, enough of that. We’re looking towards the future here, so check out our LotV site¬†for new stats and build orders¬†going forward!

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