Turns out upgrades are pretty good

Replay Here

Just played a ZvZ on Arid Plateau where literally everything went wrong for me. Watching the replay, I was behind the entire game in almost every metric, then managed to win off of a desperate all-in. Allow me to describe in a few bullets:

  • He 11 pooled me. I went hatch first, and accidentally built my pool even later than I should have
  • Thankfully, I drone scouted the rush at his ramp, canceled my natural, then microed well enough to hold
  • He was ahead on workers and went in for a roach push while I was rebuilding my economy
  • Thankfully, I saw his roach warren go down with an OL scout and got my units out just in time, with spine crawlers to boot
  • Through the middle of the game, he had more units attacking and more workers at almost every moment
  • Thankfully, Arid Plateau is really narrow entrances into the natural, which nullified a lot of his advantage. And spine crawlers were good, even though my placement was awful
  • He got up a 3rd base while continuing to pressure me and even nydus’ed to force me to cancel my 3rd and scramble to the back of my base
  • Thankfully, I had +2 ranged attack and squeezed out a few hydras at the end. And he never transferred his drones from his mined out main to his 3rd

Had he been a little better, I would’ve lost that game very badly. Instead of macroing behind his immediate advantage as he rushed me while I flubbed my build, he tried to go for the kill, and the map worked really well to my advantage to stay on 2 bases.

Lesson 1: upgrades and tech are really good. I’m certain that the +2 was the difference because he had more roaches than I did

Lesson 2: spine crawlers are really good in enclosed spaces, but I need to position them better. The 2nd spine crawler should’ve been in my mineral line, closer to backdoor side

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