Promoted to Diamond thanks to Jimmy

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I would like to think Destiny and Jimmy Hayes AKA SicKShoT for managing to get me into Diamond League today! If you haven’t seen it, there’s a hilarious video of Destiny coaching Jimmy how to hold off a 2rax as zerg, with the most famous result being the meme, “Jimmy NOOOOOOO!” I watched it last night after seeing another reference to it on /r/starcraft, laughed really hard, and tucked it into the back of my mind that the correct response to a 2rax is 1 base roach. Who would’ve known it would be useful so soon?

On Shattered Temple, I scouted the Terran close by air and noticed that he wasn’t taking his gas. I instantly remembered Destiny’s advice: this either means 1 rax expand, which can be killed with a roach all-in, or 2 rax, which can be defended with roaches. He comes soon enough with a ton of SCVs and marines, and using a roach rush, I manage to hold it off. He GGs soon after.

So here’s to you, Jimmy: after miserably losing 3 games today as I was getting matched up against Diamond league players, the advice you received pushed me over the top.

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