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Quick update on Spawning Tool progress.

Sorry that actual development of the site has been slow recently. There are various factors, but the most important one is that I have been having a lot of forearm soreness recently, so I’m trying to let my hands rest. I readjusted my desk both at work and at home, and I’m stretching regularly over the course of the day. I think it’s working, and I plan to get back into serious development next week.

To stay active, though, I have made a big push recently towards marketing and content. I posted an official TeamLiquid thread for Spawning Tool. It’s decayed a bit, and I’m not really sure what the proper etiquette is for appropriate bumping, but I guess I’ll learn soon.

I’m also tweeting from @spawningtool. Again, I don’t really use my personal twitter account, so I’m not really sure what the proper etiquette is here, but I’ll try to avoid major gaffes. My plan is to regularly tweet interesting stats derived from replay data as a proof of concept for the site. Follow me on twitter if you’re interested in that.

Thanks to the amazing development work by GGTracker, WCS has released all of their replays, which are also available on Spawning Tool for usual browsing purposes. Almost 1500 replays is a lot to work with, and it’s actually the first time I have seen replays from some important Korean players.

Finally, WCS season 3 has started, so tune in to that. I’m actually quite excited about it because Spawning Tool got a shoutout yesterday! I tweeted out that Targa has opened “3 Hatch before Pool” in 3 out of 7 games against “1 Gate Expand”s, and as you know, his RO32 opponent NaNiwa made the 1 Gate Expand popular. Kaelaris cited Spawning Tool in his cast when he mentioned this in game 1 as he and Apollo wondered what Targa would do… and then Targa put down a Spawning Pool first. Thankfully, Targa went 3 Hatch before Pool in game 2, so I was redeemed there.

I’m really excited about seeing Spawning Tool in the wild, so I hope you find it valuable too!

3 thoughts on “Follow me on twitter, @spawningtool

    • I think Spawning Tool helps at a different level of thinking than tools like ggtracker do. ggtracker has great tools to visualize mechanics and details of specific games, so if you want to look at a replay closely and figure out where your macro started to fall apart, it’s very helpful. By tracking these stats over time, you can see where your physical play is weakest and how you can improve your inject timings, money in bank, etc

      Spawning Tool doesn’t really help with mechanics at all. Instead, it is focused a level up on a strategic level, where you can see what the game plan is. The core component here is the build order, so you can see what the intent was. These aspects are aggregated into a holistic sense of how certain strategies work in specific circumstances and perhaps how the meta-game shifts over time.

      That was kind of hand-wavy, but hopefully I got the right sense somewhere in there? Did I answer your question?

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