Stats for WCS AM/EU semifinals

It’s past 3AM here, and over the past 6 hours or so, I have been cranking on a few minor features for Spawning Tool, but primarily machine learning to learn to label build orders. It’s not very well-trained at the moment, but it got to 61% on Reaper Expands, so it was above 50-50. More importantly, the code ran to completion! I’ll write more about that soon.

In the meantime, however, I think I might be sleeping in tomorrow, so I thought I would publish stats before heading to bed. Enjoy the semifinals tomorrow!

MC (P) v jjakji (T)
1. MC beat jjakji 3-1 at IEM Sao Paulo with surprises everywhere. He opened Blink, Phoenix, DTs, and Robo
2. Out of 10 recent TvPs, jjakji went for a Bio Mine composition. Expect to see more of it

MMA (T) v San (P)
1. San loves Templar. Before the 25 minute mark, he casts ~2.6x as many Storms as all PvTs, and Ghost usage is also up to compensate

Alicia (P) v HyuN (Z)
1. In 18 games, Alicia has never played a PvZ shorter than 12 minutes.
2. Unlike his ZvT, HyuN doesn’t care how long a ZvP lasts: his win rates are always about the same

Revival (Z) v Oz (P)
1. Oz does a lot of Forge Fast Expands (which are less popular than Nexus First and 1 Gate Expand builds) and at a lot of different timings

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