Doing some cross-training in Azeroth

I haven’t played any SC2 in about a week now, but I have managed to squeeze in some of the campaign from The Frozen Throne. I had played Reign of Chaos a long time ago but never got TFT, so I’m just completing my Blizzard experience. I figured all of my Starcraft experience would make it much easier, and I could just crash through it. I was so wrong.

The campaign on hard has been pretty difficult for me. A large part of my difficulty is that I still haven’t learned the interactions between types of attack and armor. I actually haven’t even really figured out how much damage units deal and how many hit points they have. I mostly play by instinct, try to form balanced armies, and mass up for big pushes. It doesn’t work well.

Warcraft is clearly a very different sort of game, and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Worse, it’s revealing my poor micro control as I can’t keep up with all of the spells I need to use while pulling units back and target firing. That problem is probably exacerbated by me not really knowing what’s effective.

In any case, I’m undeterred. I don’t know how to play any differently, so until then, I’ll just rely heavily on auto-saves and the knowledge that I’m making steady, if slow, progress, and that I’ll be done soon enough.