Announcing the Spawning Tool Invitational!

(See the original post on Team Liquid)


SpawningTool holds the largest collection of StarCraft 2 pro-level replays, build orders, and replay statistics. The site uses machine learning and the information stored in the replays to generate these statistics, label build orders, and organize games by series/event.

With the success the site has seen over the last 6 months, we have no one to thank except the community. In order to give back, we are going to host a $200+ invitational and release a new plugin coming soonTM. This plugin is going to allow you to have any build from the site shown live, in-game, without disrupting your perfect micro of course!

Matcherino is a extremely powerful website that gives any tournament or showmatch host the ability to crowdfund their tournament. They recently launched their new Tournaments Feature, which has automatic payouts, crowdfunding capabilities, stretch goals, and more! We at SpawningTool are very excited to have Matcherino as a sponsor plan on inviting them to any other events we host in the future. We are going to be using this Tournament Feature in this Invitational

This tournament is also sponsored by OSC, providing OSC points to all participants!

The point distribution is as follows:

1st: 50% of prize pool, 80 OSC points
2nd: 30% of prize pool, 50 OSC points
3rd: 15% of prize pool, 30 OSC points
4th: 5% of prize pool, 15 OSC points
5th-8th: 5 OSC points


Tournament Date: 5/30/16 6pm EST
Prize Pool: 200$+ (50%,30%,15%,5%)
Matcherino Tournament Link:
Add $1 to the prize pool for free by using the coupon code “STi1
Format: Ro8 and Ro4 (Bo3), Finals (Bo5)
Sponsors: SpawningTool, Matcherino, and OSC
Casters: DrennoC and Hartless